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Television is the leading cause of violence in today`s society

As a way of introduction, it is necessary to talk about communication.

 Communication is part of our life. It is a skill which can be developed and established through the relationship with other persons. The communication can also be defined such a tool which is used for our professional, interpersonal growth and development of the person through the internal analysis and comprehension of things which are around of us. Communication has been present in our life through time. It is important to know that for many years communication has been used by humanity for express ideas, feelings, actions and thoughts, anywhere, anytime and wherever you want.

Through time new ways of communication has been created such as "Magazines, Newspapers, Television programs, Radio, Internet and its different pages as Google, Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, You Tube, etc," which are used by olders and youngers in anyplace of the world, for studying, investigating, knowing new people, talking with friends and relatives. These ways of communications are part of the evolution of technology which was created many centuries ago, with the only purpose of communicate and express as human beings.

Television one of these types of technology and represents a fundamental tool in our society and culture. It brought the entertainment revolution, communication and specially in the field of educational system because through this, we can have and know the daily news, global information of the world, learn some values, how to prepare the dinner and a lot of things else. But although there are positive and benefit things, it also has negative things which are dangerous. In other words everybody knows that everything has a positive and negative aspect, in the same way, television also has advantages and disadvantages, for this reason it is important to know these aspects for make a better use of positive things and reduce the frequent use of the bad things.

According some researches the television has one of the higher levels of violence, in most of the cases these programs are watching television, it can be a negative influence and it also affects children’s grades, sleep and daily activities, for example the educative habit, if you are trying to study with the television turn on it will be evident that you did not pay any attention to your studies, on the other hand, there are some cases where children believe that television shows the real world, and they want to imitate their favorites artistic, therefore they has been addicted to the Television.

According to George Gerbner, Ph. D: Children who observe violence on television is likely to act out what they see, and to think that violenc acts are acceptable.” For this and other reasons is really important the supervision of the family, because they are responsible of the values, and behavior of their children.

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